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Parents and their daughter looking at planet mars
Jul 30
Aug 28, 2022

First Kids on Mars Summer Camp - Be the First One to get your Kids on Mars this Summer, exclusively at AL Khawaneej Walk

In partnership with Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Centre and Dubai Summer Surprises, Al Khawaneej Walk gives parents an opportunity to send their kids to Mars from July 30 to August 28
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In partnership with Mohamed Bin Rashid Space Centre and Dubai Summer Surprises, Al Khawaneej Walk gives parents an opportunity to send their kids to Mars from July 30 to August 28

Unique summertime edutainment experience will teach junior astronauts about the solar system and ‘fly them to Mars’ in a rocket ship

Why sit around the house staring at a screen all day when you could go to the mall and launch a rocket? Al Khawaneej Walk has just that up its sleeve with the First Kids of Mars summer camp for children aged 5 to 14.

Open daily from 4pm to 10pm, the vibrant neighbourhood destination invites youngsters to be educated as well as entertained discovering the vast depths of space. The out-of-this-world programme located in the centre of the mall has been organised in collaboration with experts at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre as well as the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment’s Dubai Summer Surprises. During their edutainment experience, the kids will learn about the solar system, gravity and Martian geology and potential for plant life ¬– and then the tour will achieve lift-off with a warp-speed ride to the red planet.

All parents need to do to grant their kids access to the experience is spend AED50 or more at the mall and present a receipt. The space camp can take groups of 20 kids at a time.

The Space Centre will also display an interactive exhibition of their work and missions, such as building and operating earth observation satellites – including the KhalifaSat which was developed 100% in the UAE by Emirati engineers. Little ones can even participate in exclusive competitions every weekend to win branded astronaut outfits and an educational encyclopaedia by the Space Centre.

Mission preparation

Before their journey through space, the young astronauts will learn about constellations, the solar system, and how gravity works (and what their weight on other planets would be). They will then move on to the rocket launching panel, where they can press a variety of buttons – including the big red button that activates the launch countdown for their flight to Mars.

Lift off

Now that they are mission-ready, the campers will dress in astronaut outfits and board a rocket ship for the 560,000,000-kilometre journey to Mars. Their launch countdown will feature realistic sound effects that will bring their travels to another planet to life. Once they step onto the ‘Martian surface’, kids can explore the Curiosity Rover, which arrived on Mars in 2012 to study the plant and whether it could ever have supported life or water. The young explorers will also get an exclusive experience by MBRSC discovering the UAE’s latest space mission, The Lunar Mission Rover.

Martian base camp

At base camp, the little ones will enter a dome which is the plants laboratory. Here, they will learn what terraforming means and what steps need to be taken so that humans could live on Mars. Next up is the base’s geology laboratory, where the kids will have a mission to collect and analyze some ‘rocks from Mars’. The guide will explain how the Curiosity Rover analysed rocks in trying to find evidence of life and water.

Like real astronauts, the kids will then plant the First Kids on Mars flag and take memorable pictures.

Partners in space travel

Dubai Holding Asset Management and its strategic partners The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre and Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment have joined forces to create this intergalactic experience for young space adventurers. Home to the UAE National Space Programme, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre is on a mission to make the UAE a world leader in the exploration of space. MBRSC is delighted to help bring to life the immersive experience with real-world insights and expertise to inspire a future generation of astronauts. Working together, the trio aim to deliver a one-of-a-kind educational escape during the summer holidays that celebrates the UAE’s achievements as a nation and ambitions in space exploration.

Earthy escapades

Presented by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishments, Dubai Summer Surprises promises a season of joy and summer fun for all across the city until 4 September 2022. Residents and visitors can enjoy and indulge in the most attractive shopping deals, retail experiences, unforgettable events, and sumptuous dining.

Make sure to plan your summer in Dubai and make the most of everything the city has to offer from relaxing staycations, exciting live entertainment, gastronomical experiences, family outings and the best shopping deals. The full calendar of events can be found on www.mydss.ae and @CelebrateDubai and @StyledbyDubai on social media channels.

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